Ghost is a new blogging platform backed on Kickstarter. I'm not particularly experienced with blogging platforms but my limited experience with Wordpress was awful : Tons of plugins to install but also really slow. Ghost was designed to put the focus on the blogging activity rather than on the website customization and plugin management. As the project is still not finalized, I was expecting the setup to be a mess but I was wrong. (at the time of writing this was not the case, but now Ghost is released to the public and also offer a hosting service)

Setting up a Ghost install is just a matter of minutes following the official Rackspace website Guidelines. Just follow the guidelines to have a working Ghost instance.

This article will explain how to change the default theme on your custom Ghost instance on Rackspace.

Changing the Ghost default theme

In order to change the default template (Casper) you must log onto the Rackspace Virtual Machine instance. To do so grab the private key into the window that pops while clicking on the View Generated Password button.

Copy the key onto a new file named key_pri (or whatever the name you want), only grab the part relevant to the private key as shown below :


Now modify the rights :

chmod 600 key_pri

Then log onto your VM using the below command :

ssh -i key_pri root@<public-ip-address>

You will end up in the console of your Virtual Machine. Now just install git to grab some new themes from github :

apt-get install git

Navigate to the themes folder of your Ghost install :

cd /var/www/vhosts/<your_ghost_domain>/ghost/content/themes

Grab some new themes from github to play around :

git clone
git clone
git clone

You will find plenty of themes (mostly free) on the Ghost marketplace.

Now restart ghost so that it detects new themes from your application folder :

service ghost restart

Finally, just navigates to /ghost/settings/general on your blog and change the default theme for another.

And you're done ! You have a new Ghost install with some themes to play around.